Nutra product faq

The "Nutra" category refers to nutraceutical infused product. There are currently several products that fit under this category and more on the way. Today we offer the nu-X Caffeine/B12 inhalable in Energy and Café flavors, a Caffeine/B12 chewable tablet in great tasting Tart-Raspberry and an extra-high potency Kava root extract.

Today's world moves FAST. The Nutra line is there to help supplement and support you through your daily activities.

Ever 10 puffs is the equivalent to one cup of premium coffee or one leading energy drink.  The secret is the bioavailability of the caffeine.  When ingested, your body is not able to take advantage of all of the caffeine available.  Inhaled, the caffeine and B12 is much more bioavailable which makes a lot less caffeine go much farther. 

Unlike energy drinks, the Caffeine/B12 products in the Nutra line are low to no calorie, are made with the purest ingredients and will help in providing you the energy you need to get through the day. Our innovative delivery method allows you to personalize your daily energy consumption needs.

If you are a coffee person, we highly recommend CAFE.  If you're more of an energy drink person, we recommend ENERGY.  So, your best bet is to get our STARTER PACK.  We give you one of each so you can try both flavors and share :)

Each and every batch of Nu-X products are tested at third-party independent laboratories. We provide the test results for each batch on our website. Our products are created to meet or exceed industry best practices for quality.

Everyone reacts to caffeine and B12 differently, but the caffeine and B12 active ingredients in our devices are produced using the finest quality ingredients available. Nu-X places consumer safety as our top priority.

Caffeine has been safely consumed by humans for thousands of years. Though the inhalation of caffeine is a newer avenue of consumption, research indicates it to be
an innovative consumption path.

Though the inhalation of B12 is a newer avenue of consumption, research indicates it to bean innovative consumption path.

The Nutra Caffeine/B12 device does not expel smoke. It diffuses vapor as heat is applied to the blend to release the Caffeine and B12 active ingredients.

Vape is just a term for what the hardware does - it vaporizes the liquid to release the active ingredients to be inhaled. Nutra is nu-X's brand name for the Nutra line of products. The product being addressed is a Nutra Caffeine/B12 inhalable.

The 10x per use guideline is the recommended serving size. Using it continually over and above 10x in a row will deliver more caffeine and B12 into your system.

Shipping Returns and exchanges

We currently ship within the United States but will be expanding to other countries in the near future.

Yes! All orders over $40 will have free USPS first class shipping.

An adult (21 years of age or older) is required to provide a valid government-issued ID to the delivery employee and sign for the package. This additional step will increase the shipping cost to $10.

Due to the PACT act, we are mandated by law to send all packages containg inhalable products with Adult Signature Required Shipping.

Considering that this $10 fee applies whether you buy two Inhalers or twenty, we highly recommend purchasing in bulk, making your savings twofold. Our pricing model offers discounts on orders over 3 to help absorb these costs for our customers.